Wifi Hub Beta Program

Thank you for joining the Moat Wifi Hub Beta Program!

Customers like you are what make Moat possible.  Please follow the directions below and start testing!


  1. Install the Beta app:
    1. For Android users, follow the instructions: here, to become an Android Beta Tester
    2. For iOS users, follow the instructions: here, to become an iOS Beta Tester using TestFlight
  2. Plug in your Wifi Hub, and start up the App.
    Please allow 30-60 seconds after plugging the Wifi Hub in, for it to boot up and be ready for pairing.
  3. Create a user account.
    There is no fee associated with creating a user account, and storage is unlimited.  Please note, standard data rates apply for any data transfers that take place over your mobile network.
  4. Transfer your existing data to the cloud.
    Please note, this is voluntary.  If you would prefer you can press “Erase It”, to start fresh.  At this point if you choose to press “Erase It”, it will still save the data for later in case you choose to revert to the old Moat App.
  5. Connect your Wifi Hub.
    It’s time to connect your new Wifi Hub!  Press the “+” button in the upper right corner of the dashboard page to begin adding your new device.
  6. Send any and all feedback to info@moat-tech.com.
    Bugs, breaks, or feature requests.  We want to hear about all of them!
  7. Answer surveys.
    We will periodically send out surveys over the next few months to get an idea for how everything is functioning.

Questions?  Suggestions?

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